Team Spotlight – Ruby Gill

Ruby Gill

1. Have you always wanted to be in HR? Tell us a bit about your career journey to land where you are today.

After graduating from University, I joined a business law firm and began my career in the corporate world. At the time, I was still a recent grad and discovering what my long-term career aspirations were. I felt by immersing myself into a corporate environment, I would gain a better understanding of what area I wanted to focus my career on. After a few years, I discovered my passion for people and workplace culture. I completed my post-graduate degree in Human Resource Management and transitioned to a role in HR. After several years working in-house, I have now transitioned into HR consulting.

2. HR specialties/areas of focus/passions?

I am passionate about workplace culture. I feel culture is the heartbeat of an organization. It’s what drives momentum, attracts (and retains) great people and great clients. I’m drawn to the areas of policy and program development, as these are areas that directly impact culture. I also enjoy cultivating positive company culture through workplace wellness initiatives which increase morale, employee engagement and contribute to the overall health and productivity of a business.

3. Looking ahead, what does the future of the HR function look like to you? How will workplaces shift and change?

I think HR will continue to evolve into a strategic function and be an important area to focus on in making business projections. I also feel HR will focus more on diversity and inclusion initiatives, and how bringing unique and diverse perspectives to the workplace can strengthen the quality of work and enrich our professional lives.

4. The impact you hope to have on client workplaces?

I hope to build long-term business relationships with clients and positively contribute to their business by offering a flexible approach to all their HR needs throughout the employee lifecycle.

5. Words to live by? (Could be a motto, HR mantra, favourite quote etc.)

“For things to reveal themselves to us, we need to be ready to abandon our views about them" – Thich Nhat Hahn

6. Your go-to, mid-week pick-me-up?

Getting outside for a walk and fresh air, or a yoga class!
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