Human resource strategies for employee mental health and wellness

5 Strategies for Employee Wellness

The well-being of an organization’s employees is a critical component of continued success. For leaders of companies, employee wellness must be a top priority in their constant consideration and goes beyond offering healthy snacks. A recent Gallup survey found that thriving employees have 53% fewer missed days. Because of this, “thriving employees create a thriving business”. (Source)

How we look at employee wellness is constantly changing as the business environment evolves. One important thing to keep in mind regarding wellness needs are incredibly specific to each individual. There are a number of strategies that can be implemented to ensure all employees are thriving and comfortable in their roles, while maintaining awareness of those individual needs.

Today we will discuss five employee wellness strategies you can implement to promote the well-being of your employees.

How do we define Employee Wellness?

Employee wellness goes beyond physical health (CFI) - it is built on many aspects including:
  • Mental health
  • Emotional health
  • Economic health
  • Physical health

Strategies and programs can be implemented at companies to improve overall health of employees, taking all of these factors into consideration.

5 employee wellness Strategies to implement:

1. Ensure your organizational environment is mentally healthy where employees feel they can be seen and heard. According to the US Surgeon General’s Framework for Workplace Mental Health & Wellbeing, this includes:
  • Ensuring there are growth opportunities within the organization
  • Promoting work-life balance
  • Having a sense of community
  • Protection from harm
  • Allowing employees to be able to influence workplace decisions
2. Offer assistance programs to promote mental and emotional wellness, such as Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)
  • These programs can provide support for an array of wellness issues that may be connected to work including: stress management, anxiety, depression
3. Promote healthy eating and movement throughout the day. Ideas include:
  • Stock healthy meals and snacks in the office to ensure employees have access to enriching nutrients throughout the day
  • Provide opportunity for movement by making fitness activities available to participate in as a team. These activities can include: an onsite gym, discounted gym membership, team exercise groups, team sports, or even promoting each other to get out and walk during the day
4. Create activities for community involvement as a team
  • Volunteering, fundraising and “doing good” is a bonding activity for a team and is scientifically proven to boost morale. It also benefits your community.
5. Give your employees a safe space to share their needs and concerns.
  • Optional surveys and workshops where employees (who opt in) can share their current stress levels, health history, work concerns, etc. will let employees know you care about their input.
  • This also gives you organic educational information to utilize when organizing your assistance programs, so you can cater those to your employees’ needs.

What are the benefits of promoting employee wellness to the organization?

  • Employees will be more mentally, physically and emotionally fit to do their work and therefore more motivated to succeed
  • Employees who are more engaged will have boosted productivity
  • Less time lost to stress, poor time management or concerns due to poor health
  • Improve your employee value proposition which will improve retention and recruitment
  • Having a strong culture of employee wellness and caring about employees will improve the overall culture of the organization and strengthen the health of your company as a whole.
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